Top 6 Cycle Trails in the US

Whether you are cycling for health, fun or life, the trails pose almost an incredible importance to you. The weather, type of terrain, amount of traffic are all to be considered and here we have listed the top 6 cycle trails you all lovers of biking should try before it is perhaps too late!

Gather all the experience, excitement and beauty from all the trails here that range from as short as less than 2 miles to as long as 100 miles.

Jalama Beach Ride

State: California
Trail: out and back
Distance: ±28 miles

The ride starts with some energy consuming climb up to the summit and from there it is an easy descent. Afterwards, the route is pretty easy and smooth. Getting close to the shoreline, you will get your first look of the sea.

Ahh.. Refreshing.

At the end of the trail, you can kick back and relax for  lunch while enjoying the view.

The way back is a bit harder since the road declines, and you will be faced with a little incline every now and then. Jay’sEssestialBikeRides had mentioned about some road work, so you might bump into one on your way there.

George S. Mickelson Trail

State: South Dakota
Trail: Rail-trails
Distance: 109 miles

A very long biking trip across history and scenery. The trail is reknown as high quality for bicycling and lest you explore various sites.

Starting from one of the biggest mammoths dig site, to the first cave in the world that opened as a national park, sightseeing while riding pass the Crazy Horse Memorial which is where the world’s largest mountain carving lies today, cheese burgers (oops, you have bicycling to blame) and many more.

Feast your eyes (and your stomach) while on this long, satisfying journey.

Range of days needed can be as short as 3 days or as long as a week, depending on if you are doing this alone and will not stop for a look, or if you will be attending a bicycle tour package where there will be a lot of stops until the end of trail.

Paseo del Bosque Trail

State: New Mexico
Trail: Multi-use paved trails
Distance: 15-16 miles

In the beautiful city of Alburquerque, this trail is filled with nature, fresh air, and relaxing voices from the exotic birds that live around the river banks of Rio Grande.

It is a car-free trail with runners and joggers you can see along the way and maybe make a few stops to admire the nature on display in conservation centers and botanical garden.

If you look through the official site of CABQ, there are seven access points where you can park and rest throughout the route: Alameda Boulevard, Paseo del Norte, Montano Road, Campbell Road, Central Avenue NE, Marquez Street and Rio Bravo Boulevard.

Sand Hog Hill

State: Minnesota
Trail: mountain
Distance: 1.1 miles (per rim)

A pretty short and easy trail on red sand around an old mining site. A veautiful lake can be seen over the trail and beginners should try this one.

The end of the trail helps bikers to build speed and make jumps and other stunts or swerve.

You only need power ascending, because the descent almost feels like the reward. Stopping at the top for a while will add to your feeling of achievement as one of the hill with the highest ascent.

Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail

State: Pennsylvania
Trail: One-way, rail-trail
Distance: 26 miles

Take a hop to Jim Thorpe, and start cycling from White Haven. As you go through the beautiful forest trail, you might be accompanied by the only train that still operates on the track, though abandoned.

Enjoy the view of Lehigh River, because the trail follows along the river. There are three access points throughout the trail that provides parking sites according to DCNR: White Haven is in the northern part, Rockport in the central area, and Glen Onoko is the southern access area.

Cady Hill Forest

State: Vermont
Distance: 9-11 miles

The trail can be challenging and relaxing depending on your mood. Choose your track from one full with twists and jumps to a kick back cycle across the woods.The length of the cycle can be as short as an hour or longer than 3 hours.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a place to ride, or an advanced cycler looking for a challenge, this place will prove to be enjoyable to cycler of all levels.

Car-free trails offer safety to everybody and is open full day from spring to fall.

The view along the trail will also invite you to stop for a second and admire while taking pictures of the beauty, especially at the Green Chair Overlook.